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personal dossier

i'm a self-proclaimed old-school geek girl, with a jones for movies, music, and slightly bizarre. i'm known to quote movies, speak in tongues (mostly German), and intrigue, amuse, and occasionally annoy.

in the past, i've booked films for festivals, processed and projected 16mm film for two universities, was top seller of "pipes and adult novelties" at our local head shop, and did a brief stint as a courier, all while shooting films and getting my own multimedia design studio off the ground.

aside from that, i'm currently putting my film degree and production skills to some use at a madison non-profit, and plotting going back to school for an mfa in documentary film and photography. ultimately an oral historian, i want to travel the world and create film shorts about stories that would never otherwise be told.

think i've got a lot on my plate? remember -- that which does not kill us makes us stranger.

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