Goth Girl Garage Sale

gothicscrollGoth Girl Garage Sale
Among their other events, the GLQCBS holds a semiannual multi-person rummage sale to rid themselves of their re-accumulating clutter.

Advertised both in the newspaper and online, sales are generally held the beginning of June and late September, and have come to draw quite a following.

"this is probably the coolest garage sale i've ever seen!"

"i get so excited about this sale. i even cancelled my hair appointment!"

Photos from past sales are available over in our photo gallery.

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Past Sales:

  • GGGS: The Original: 7/27/02 - EM
  • GGGS II: Electric Bugaloo: 9/21/02 - AB
  • GGGS III: Cat-fishing: 10/4/2003 - AB
  • GGGS III.5: Country-Fried Gothic Garage Sale: 5/1/04 - AG
  • GGGS IV: Spring Edition: 6/4/04 - ML
  • GGGS IV.5: Robin's Sale: 8/21/04 - RS
  • GGGG V: Corvid Manner Sangriatorium: 9/25/04 - EV
  • GGGS VI: Spring Edition: 6/4/05 - EV
  • GGGS VII: 9/24/05 - EV/PF
    GGGS VIII: 6/3/06 - EV/PF
    GGGS IX: 9/30/06 - EV/PF

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