Goth Girl Garage Sale

gothic kittyBorne of a Livejournal post, the Gothic Ladies Quilting Circle & Badass Society has grown to a group of approximately two dozen Madison-area acquaintances who are interested in sewing, crafting, or any other creative projects they can work on in their laps while gossiping, laughing, angsting, and eating sweets.

We meet every other Tuesday at a member's home from around 7:30 until around 10 pm. Beverages and snacks are usually provided by the hostess, though edible contributions from visitors are welcome. Sometimes we dress up in tea party garb that is too fine for the usual clubbing night.

Members of the Gentlemen’s Auxilliary are welcome to join us from time to time if they've projects they would like to work on and show off, though the Gentleman’s Auxilliary is primarily invited to social outings tangential to regular meetings (we've become somewhat well-known for our garage sales).

One member will volunteer to wear The Hat for each upcoming meeting. We're not sure why; it just happens that way. The Hat is a special hat of your choosing, from your wardrobe. We have seen dapper top hats, the finest confections of black netting, and an orange construction hat.

Why? Because we can, for one thing. It's a place to exchange creative crafting ideas, websites of materials and products, pictures, pirate-stories, and silly hats.

In love and darkness,


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