amazon.com wishlist - preferring to support the independents (booksellers, musicians, and so forth,) you can still get an inkling of the media i'm looking for among the pages of the corporate giants.

craft - awicked devious sense of humour and a brilliant twisted mind.

garret - i made him confirm our mutual attraction of angelina jolie's heaving bosoms in tomb raider. he hasn't been quite the same since.

independent film and video collaborative (ifvc)

Katana.org - the home of the illustrious jeffreyp. he spoils me so. i spoil him some, but usually, he's just teased. poor boy.

kayt - k is for kayt corrupting minds in japan.

kimuchi - valuable is the person who finds helmet hair sexy.

maddie smells good - appreciable insanity.

/. [slashdot] news for nerds. stuff that matters.


charles d'joyeux - prominent local dj, vastly amusing lad, and creator of stochastic theory. take a listen.

nedly (the stromkirby) - former roommate, up-and-coming german rock star. ilived with one, ilisten to the other.

wonko - dynamic frontman to nulldevice. once the main attraction, now just another clown.


doc evermor's metal sculpture park - creating birds from trumpets and baseball players from bolts, doc's world is a whimsical fantasyland where imagination truly has no bounds.

inferno - the least meat-market-y of madison's dance clubs, wednesdays and saturdays are great evenings to get your goth/industrial groove on.

frugal muse - one of madison's best stops for used books, music, and movies.

undergraduate projects lab (upl) - now the upl was a formless void, and there was darkness over the deep, with a divine wind sweeping out from the vax fans...

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