Bank of Kaukauna Cyborg Trivia Machine

Competition Names

  • 2009: Bank of Kaukauna: Is That a Stimulus Package in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Us? (1st Place - 1465 points)
  • 2008: Bank of Kaukauna: Well Past Our Sub-Prime (1st place - 1325 points)
  • 2007: Bank of Kaukauna, this one goes to 11 (1st place - 1380 points)
  • 2006: The Holy Brogan Empire (1st Place - 1120pts)
  • 2005: West Bank of Kaukauna: Concealing Weapons of Mass Deduction (1st place - 1237pts)
  • 2004: Bank of Kaukauna: Foreclosing on Trivia (1st place - 1335pts)
  • 2003: Federal Reserve Bank of Kaukauna (1st place, answered the super garruda, but not in time - 1475pts)
  • 2002: Piggy Bank of Kaukauna: The Snout with Clout (1st place - 1375pts)
  • 2001: Snow Bank of Kaukauna Plowing You Under (1st place - 1315pts)
  • 2000: Blood Bank of Kaukauna: This time it's Personal (2nd place, answered Super Garruda - 1190pts)
  • 1999: Laughing All the Way to the Bank of Kaukauna (2nd place - 960 points)
  • 1998: You can take that to the Bank of Kaukauna (1st place - 1175 points)
  • 1997: It's in the Bank of Kaukauna (1st place - 945 pts)
  • 1996: BMW: Brogan, Maxham, Williams (DNF)
  • 1992: OPP: Other People's Pizza Ht (DNF)

Team Roster

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John Brogan

Everybody has to start with a dream, right? The idea of putting together a new team for trivia was basically the brainchild of myself, Jason Maxham, and Sam Williams. In 1992, as sophomores in high school, we thought it would be a good idea to field a team. That year, our poorly named team (OPP) lead the contest for precisely one question, when we successfully convinced a phone answerer to give us credit for a question that we otherwise had no answer to. Apparently the answer to the question was "earthquakes" and our guess "mutual masturbation" was good enough. After reeling off two quick answers, we settled into a 50 hour party which saw only one other successful answer.

We had nowhere to go but up.

However, fate intervened and my commitments as a high school and college debater intervened in the development of the trivia juggernaut until 1996 when I decided to leave debate and focus on the less important things in life. I called my sister, Maxham, and Williams and they agreed to give the contest another go and try out this new thing we'd been fiddling around with at school called the World Wide Web. We played with another lousy name (BMW) and two phone lines: one hooked to the Internet, the other dialing into the station. All of a sudden we started answering some questions. The new trivia was born . . .

After that, it all fell into place. A sponsor. More phone lines. Direct connection. More bodies. Better food. We won our first two times out, faltered on our third and fourth contests, then cranked up the technology and never looked back.

So that's the history to date. More to be written along the way. We've answered one Super Garruda in our eight years and should have had a second. Some highlights, some lowlights. It's been a crazy ride.


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