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What lies before you is the site for the Bank of Kaukauna-sponsored team that competes annually in the off-campus division of the Lawrence University's Great Midwestern trivia contest. What started as a trio of high school boys on a lark has become a 40+ person behemoth that converges on the Appleton area every year to continue the trivia tradition. Peruse, enjoy, and watch us dominate the competition.


25. January 2008
And so it is: that great experiment in sleep deprivation and minutiae continues for one more year -- let's call it an even dozen-- and it is with purity of heart and indefatigable certainty that I proclaim to you, friends, that the world has not yet seen what the greatest trivia team ever assembled can do. Skull Squadron can't stop us, Melvyn Weissman can't stop us, procreation can't stop us . . . indeed, nothing can. And so it is, I lead you to battle, to greatness. They shall know us by the buzz of our dial tones and the swiftness of our searches.

27. January 2006
As the hours pass for the 2006 contest, the Bank will not be competing. The original bank team has reformed as The Holy Brogan Empire. However, we leave you with this little gem, entitled, "Give a Peace of Bacon a Chance."

23. January 2005
Gearing up for the 2005 contest, I have this little bit of media coverage from the 1999 Great Midwest Trivia Contest available for your enjoyment, provided by Jason Maxham. Also, the 2005 Menu is now available, thanks to Abby.

26. January, 2004
Once again, the Bank of Kaukauna beat out the competition to win 1st place in the off-campus division at Lawrence University's 39th annual Midwest Trivia Competition.
2004 marked their fourth consecutive 1st place finish in the contest, one of six in the last eight years. Team lead John Brogan was thrilled with their 1st place prize -- a garbage bag of 8lbs of human hair.

28. January 2003
Another first place finish for the Bank, with Six Feet Under and Skull Squadron not far behind. We even managed to answer the Super Garruda this year, even if fifteen seconds after the buzzer sounded. ("Q: When he was in ninth grade, Frank Zappa won a Fire Prevention Week poster contest. What did his poster say? A: "No Picnic. Why? No Woods. Prevent Forest Fire.")


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