Account Policy

As seen on the UPL User Account Form

This application is for an account on the Undergraduate Projects Laboratory computers. The UPL is intended to provide educational, research, and developmental computing resources to undergraduate users. Accounts are active until September 15 of the following fall semester.

UPL Coordinators reserve the right to refuse accounts of account renewal on the grounds of policy violations, unnecessary use of resources, or any other reason at the discretion of the coordinators. The UPL is not to be used for completing university classwork, rather it is provided for independent study, programming, and learning the UNIX environment.

Files in user account are not the user's exclusive property; they are the property of the Regents of the University of Wisconsin and may be dealt with as the system administrators and coordinators deem necessary. User logins and correspondance may be monitored as part of an investigation.

UPL coordinators may view, modify, and delete user files and private email, and add or remove user accounts for any or no reason.


This account provides a wide band of computer and network access but because of limited resources certain activities have been prohibitied. These activities include, but are not restricted to: Running these processes will result in immediate termination of the process, and possible subsequent disciplinary action. To replace these services, the UPL provides several personal computer client programs that are freely available to all users via FTP.

Distasteful or offensive displays, printouts, or stored files are not permitted. Such material will be removed, and disciplinary action may be persued. Malicious or especially wasteful USENET posting will not be tolerated.

UPL users are also given a limited disk quota, which is subject to change. Users are to remain within this quota at all times unless prior arrangements have been made with the UPL coordinators. Quota violators will be warned and asked to remove files. In an emergency, users who are over quota may have files removed without prior warning. If a user does not comply, the Coordinators and Administrators reserve the right to remove files and pursue disciplinary action. If a user needs a quota extension for a specific project, he/she must notify the UPL Coordinators of his/her need and an appropriate extension will be given. (Please don't hesitate to ask for more space if you have a project, it's far better than going over quota.)


All users are required to use their real names in their user information.

Users may not break into other accounts or computers, or use UPL resources to crack passwords on any system, or otherwise use UPL resources to subvert any established security system. Users may not attempt to aquire passwords, ID's, private files, or other system information, or access from these or any other computers. Users may not share accounts or passwords with anyone.

Users may not disrupt the accesibility, useability, or performance of any UPL resources. Physical abuse or mishandling of the UPL machines, terminals, printers, and other hardware is strictly prohibited. Abuse includes running malicious or unnecessary processes.

You may not delete any other user's files, or disrupt the accessibility, usability, or performance of another user's account. You may not harass or threaten any other user either here or at another site.

Passing of copywrited material to another ("pirating") is prohibited.

Anyone violating these policies is subject to the same disciplinary actions mandated by the Computer Systems Laboratory instructional accounts, including account locking, review by the Dean of Students, and possible legal action.

Note that the above does not constitute a definitive list of prohibited activities. UPL coordinators may view, modify, and delete user files and private email, and add and delete user accounts for any or no reason.

If you have an interest in testing system security, or you want to use UPL resources in a way that may disrupt performance, please contact a coordinator to make appropriate arrangements.


The UPL provides several methods of gaining account, policy, or computer science-related information. The email address that forwards to the UPL Coordinators is:

These systems are operated under license agreements for respective software packages, and UPL users are bound to respect the proprietary nature of the software.