Cycles of Cleanliness in the UPL:

wonko: We were not wallowing in our own filth and food wrappers. We couldn't - then, as now, as always, Bart would not have allowed it. We had several UPL-cleanings.

mitch: I would also add:

1. Bart being on sabbatical. As you mentioned, the cleanliness has always been cyclical but I'm inclined to believe we hit a more prolonged low point during that time

2. The fact that we had several people who were obsessed with scavenging old hardware (myself, besh, gulfie, luantic, the crazy late-night helpdesk crew) probably didn't help matters But this was followed by the first great all-night cleaning. So we went from the dirtiest point in history to maybe the cleanest in 16 hours or so. Ah the cycle of life.