Girls in the Lab:

Who was responsible for getting us here, and why we stayed.

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Brenda Muller bmuller ? - may 1990

orn: She was the coord that I got my key from (back before the electronic lock, which is a long story in itself).
She was the one that figured out you could get into the CS building late at night by pulling really, really hard on the doors at the bottom of the ramp - like just short of hard enough to pull your arm out of its socket. The door would make a loud WAMM sound, then pop open. I think they've fixed this by now.

Of course, that was before building passes. When the security guards came by around midnight, all the lights would get shut off in the lab and people would be very, very quiet. Once, everyone took a short sojourn up to sparkie's office and left me in the lab as a "right of passage." They came back 45 minutes later to find me sleeping behind the desk (that used to be directly opposite the double doors) and completely out of it. I think I was having one of those being chased by the cops dreams.

Brenda was always spoken about reverently and in muted, awed tones....

Karen Powers alp ? - may 1992  
Kim Wallace kimuchi august 1995 - may 1996 Wonko brought me into the UPL because I missed my CAE account. I decided I wanted to pursue being a coord because I thought it Chris Schultz (sic) was up to the task I _certainly_ was.
Caitlin Howell rapunzel august 1996 - august 1997  
Michelle Craft craft august 1998 - december 1999 Tyler Novak brought me into the fold. I dated him but I was also in the cs building for 302 (needed for intended astro-physics major). The people I remember meeting were Gus and Besh, but mostly Keller. They were the reasons I stayed past the first semester.
Alyska Bailey alyska august 2000 - may 2002  
Louise Helenius louise august 2001 - present