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The following is the preliminary FAQ. As with most FAQ's this one will
probably grow to deal with more questions handled frequently.
(Yes, this post is actually a serious post).

Frequently Asked Questions
University of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Department
Undergraduate Projects Laboratory

"What is uwisc.upl for?"
Uwisc.upl is to act as an internal forum for the UPL. Examples of appropriate posts include questions on how to do something, announcements of software changes and upgrades within the UPL, and cancelling or changing of office hours.

"What is the UPL?"
Generally speaking, the UPL is the CS Undergraduate Projects Laboratory. That probably doesn't tell you much. What we are is an organization of students who wish to learn computing through hands-on experience. We offer full-blown unix accounts to students here at the UW, and let people try to learn things about computers that they can't get in a class. Whether that is some aspect of Unix, system administration, programming, networking, or just trying to figure out how to use these machines, we're here to let students try it.

Some current projects include xwindows programming, research into cryptography, computer graphics, and generally learning about computers.

"Who is eligable to get an account?"
Any undergraduate student currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin may get an account. To get an account show up physically to the UPL with $2 and talk to a coordinator.

"Just where is the UPL?"
Physically: Room 1341 Computer Science and Stats Building. The big
room off the main ramp with all the windows and nifty pictures.
Virtually: Everywhere...

"How big is the UPL?"
We have between 200 and 300 accounts. That's a big group. So we have some administrators, called "coordinators" or "coords" who handle the paperwork, system administration, and other tasks, like unlocking the door. There are right now approximately 12 coords, including the following people with their login names:

Administrator: Dave Blumenthal dsb
Faculty Liason: Eric Oehler oehler
CSL Liason: Craig Peeper peeper
Treasurer: Rudy Moore orn
Abe Megahed solo
Larry Smith rudy
Tom Lawrence tomlaw Chris Schulze csch
Dennis Strelow strelow
Nick Wagner wagner
Mark McCullough adept
Bruce Hearn bruce
Chris Lai clai

The faculty member overseeing this whole thing is Professor Bart Miller.

"When can I get into the Lab itself?"
Each coord has posted office hours. The office hours are posted on the door of the lab and are as follows:

David Blumenthal Tue,Wed 14:30-16:00
Rudy Moore Mon 15:00-17:00
Dennis Strelow Thu 12:00-14:00
Larry Smith Tue, Wed 17:00-18:00
Nick Wagner Fri 11:00-13:00
Eric Oehler Mon 11:00-13:00
Abe Megahed Wed 13:00-16:00
Chris Schulze Tue 17:00-19:00
Bruce Hearn Fri 13:00-15:00
Mark McCullough Tue, Thu 9:30-10:30
Tom Lawrence Wed 16:00-18:00
Craig Peeper Mon 13:00-15:00
Chris Lai Fri 8:30-10:30

"How can I access my account remotely?"
Although there are no dedicated lines for the UPL, you can telnet into picard or yar from the general students accounts. Also, if you are already logged into another computer, you can simply type 'telnet' to connect to picard.

"Just what computers are available?"
We have:

What this means is that there are the two machines Picard, and Yar, which do the real work. Then we have two Xterminals that connect either to Picard or Yar (Gowron and Duras). Finally we have three text terminals which can handle text work, and hope to have the forth hooked up at some point soon.

Rumour has it that we're soon to be getting an HP9000/735, but it's not here yet. Suggestions for names are currently being taken. However following a long standing tradition, primarily Star Trek characters are being considerered.

Mark McCullough Real programmers don't document. If it was hard hard to write, it should be hard to understand.


End of FAQ