Derek Hilliker:

nwa: I noticed there aren't any tales including a certain Mr. Derek Hilliker (RIP) he was the whole reason I came to the UPL in the first place (he and his roommate were in mine and gottesma's 302 class) I could write something but my memory has been abused a bit to much..

kimuchi: Ah, Derek. I remember when he was just a hacky-sack toting incoming

freshman at the Union South orientation. I was there setting up email for the freshmen, most of whom didn't even know what it was or why they might want it. Meanwhile Derek asked me if I knew anywhere he could get access to a unix machine. Just a few short weeks later he was a ubiquitous presence in the UPL and had lost his hippy boy look for the rivethead fashions of the time.

I'm sure I don't know the half of the mischief he was involved with. But he was a good friend to have around here when I first moved to the bay area.

nwa: Derek and I shared some other non-upl related hobbies (much related to me not remembering a lot of stories :) I do remember one night after doing business with a random blue haired gentlemen on state street the two of us entered on an otherworldly journey that included tipping an honest panhandler "Some change for a good beer buzz please!" with one of what we had (He was havign fun and really thankful when we bumped into him later); a TEVA related teste breaking when Derek's roomie wouldn't stop bugging him about gettign root on his laptop and my first exposure to that great film Dune.

on a more UPL related side he was onstantly getting lockshelled because he always left his term logged in. ..or I should say the infamous UPL policy of "you leave yourself logged in we have free reign to play" I was hit by this myself once (*once*) and Derek was the one who had playtime with my account. Aside from all my commands being aliased to other more interesting ones my entire home directory was moved several layers deep in a bunch of nested .-labeled directories.

I also remember when I was first getting muscleV2 running (sorry mitch for using that name for so long.. RIP muscle) I accidentally (when trying to make my laptop boot directly to XDM) set my default runlevel to reboot :) He taught me sed to fix the problem with a recover boot disc pre the days of helpful ones that contained lil programs like vi.

Hmm.. fun times.

hupp: I believe his picture is attached to the wall of the lab with some kind of magnet. Used to work at COWS, and died in an (alcohol-related?) climbing accident. Any more information, or is any of this incorrect?

hartmann: The winter of my sophmore year (1995-6), Derek and I both interviewed for the COWS job. He got it, and thereafter frequently told me that I should be glad I hadn't gotten it. When he went west at the end of the semester, he left it to me, starting a great COWS tradition: I in turn hired Tyler (harl) while I was still there, Tyler hired stroker, and so on through the ages.

Derek's last advice to me at COWS was to not try to restore anything from tape, because he had just been labeling blank tapes with dates and claiming to have done backups.

kimuchi: I'm not positive it was alcohol, and there's no proof he in particular had used any, but that's the gist of it. It was a foggy day at Muir Overlook and apparently he'd scrabbled down the slope towards the water and eventually fallen in. I was bitter at the time that he was not given a mention among the July 4th death reports in the local papers... I guess some random kid didn't deserve a paragraph in the Chron. I think Steph knows more, if anyone is in touch with her.

I still have his guitars. I think gulfie might have some of his computer detritus.