will: came up at dinner tonight, and the only things I could
remember were:

Registrant: Cum Guzzling Toothless Slut, of the Center for ???


psilord: Mine was, I believe:

I think there was also: as well, that one belonged to Marc Beltmann (who incidentally donated the small fridge to the UPL).

I remember stroker and I made a TON of them, some of them were so offensive even Erik started telling us to stop. :)

malice: It was actually "". One of my favorites was ""

donnelly: my personal favorite belonged to william

stroker: *wipes tears from eyes from laughing* I am SO glad I kept these.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Your leg misses me, and don't even try to pretend that it doesn't.Love, Stroker

PS- That would be Paulson, for the other Erics on the list. While I don't mind confusing you, I'm pretty sure I would mind finding out that, say, Wonko's leg missed me.

data(6)% finger paulson
Login: epaulson Name: Erik Paulson

Huh. Either that wasn't originally written for Paulson, or I knew how to spell his first name back then as well as I do now. Judges?

epaulson: I was hoping history would forget all of this.

It was:

Cum Guzzling Toothless Slut
The American Project for Cheap Nasty Sex
Mail Stop 69
1206 Chandler ST
Madison, WI

Spammers would mine the whois database, and send spam.

The best was when they'd personalize it, and I'd get spam that started out like:

Dear Toothless Slut,

And, apparently the postal service will deliever anything. I let lapse a couple of years ago, because it was funny while I lived with Tom to rub it in, but after that I got kinda bored with it. I stopped updating address info, and moved a couple of times.

However, Network Solutions has a long memory and kept sending paper mail to 1206 Chandler St, and the postman certainly didn't know that the people who lived there no longer had anything to do with it, and weren't very happy to be getting it. (I think my email address was the technical contact, so they tracked me down and asked me to make sure it stopped) is still up, but it's registered by someone else, who's never responded to any of my email. also got a surprising number of hits - oftentimes the referrer log was Google looking for "toms mom". I occasionally got fan mail.

zmiller: i'm sure this amused many people, but probably none moreso than the postal worker who delivered Network Solutions' standard domain name renewal form letter to our house, addressed on the outside:

Cum Guzzling Toothless Slut
1206 Chandler St
Madison, WI 53706

i also recall seeing an email erik got that opened, "Dear Toothless Slut,"

another time, i was working at HyCite and was using their DNS server as secondary for a lot of things, including somebody then made some changes, which prompted Network Solutions' confirmation scripts to mail the technical contact (Me) AND THE ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT, who was not familiar with the ways of tomsmom. i had a lot of explaining to do on that one.

will: When I told the tomsmom story to my friend Jason yesterday, he commented the he's gotten a couple of emails from "". The email was something like "Dear Jason, How are you doing? etc etc etc. Signed, Your Mom". He replied, asking them what the hell their deal was, and got a reply to the effect of "Jason - don't talk to your mother that way!". In my mind one of the better abuses of email.